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November 2019

Judy – The Film – Thursday 13.11.19

We took my mum to the cinema to see Judy, the film about Judy Garland’s life. Excellent film. But the end song, she sings is Somewhere Over The Rainbow. I don’t know what hit me, but I just broke down…. Continue Reading →

Sad – Wednesday – 13/11/19

I have had a sad week, it started on Sunday when Samm, Aaron and Alfie came up. Alfie bless him got on the computer and opened up the video file with a lot of the videos of him with Terry…. Continue Reading →

Estepona Spain – October 2019

I went on holiday with Samm Aaron and Alfie for a week it was a lovely break, I relaxed, sunbathed & read 2 books. It was so relaxing and nice. Alfie will be 12 in January 2020 and every holiday… Continue Reading →

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