My friend Sharon who i work with invited me to her house for drinks, two other ladies from my work were going Jane & Megan.

I went along and their were five other ladies there i didn’t know but we had a great evening and a good laugh.

One of the ladies there was talking to me about Terry and she asked if i believed in Angels and if i had seen any signs from Terry.

I told her about when Terry came back two weeks after he passed and she asked if i had seen anything or if anything had happened since and i told her no.

I asked her what she meant by signs, and she told me to look for signs they will comfort me and to ask the Angels for help. she said that Angels can’t help you unless you ask for it i was like OK !!

(By the way this lady was not a medium or anything, but she said she had a really bad time a while ago and had turned to the Guardian Angels for help)

Then a bit later on the ladies asked what happened with Terry and i told them the story and of course i cried.

I swear this is the truth and you can ask anyone who was there,  that has i was telling the story all the wall light dimmed really low and the room was nearly in darkness, we were like what the f..k?

The lady who was telling me about the Angels said, “See that is a sign Terry is hear with you”.

The lights never went back up, so the lady who’s house it was put on the big light.

I know it sounds dramatic and i am a real sceptic, and i don’t know why the lights dimmed but they did.

Anyway the ladies were really friendly and we had a good night telling stories from our younger days, it was nice to have a laugh.

I hope Terry was there with me and hopefully he will always be watching over me, and giving me strength to keep going.

The next day my friend told me has soon as I left the wall lights came back on.