Coping With My Grief

How I Cope (It's Not Easy)

Terry and me in our Garden

Our house in Southend, some of our happiest times.


The last few weeks i have been having the strangest flashbacks. Everywhere i go or drive to i think of Terry and see us doing different things together. The sun was shinning today and i could see him sorting the… Continue Reading →

Las Vegas 2011

One of our favourite holiday place, and not the first time we were in Las Vegas.

Terry Funeral 9.1.19

A lot of this day is a bit of a blur for me, but it was a beautiful service and exactly what Terry had asked for. He wanted no hymns or prayers. Terry left a note with a song that… Continue Reading →

My Tezza

My Tezza loved Spain and of all the places we visited in the world, this is where he always wanted to be. Well part of him is now there for ever and the biggest part with me.

Sunday 7.4.19 to Thursday 11.4.19 – Really Bad Week

Today i realised that i am living 2 differnt lives. I have the life when i go to work, or i am with family and friends. Where for a few hours i feel normal and forget what is happening to… Continue Reading →

A Photo of Terry

Not often you see Terry with a bottle of water, his drink was Budweiser.

Terry came back to say Goodbye and other Visit’s

Before I tell you this story I want you to know I don’t believe in ghosts or spirits, all I can do is tell you what happened to me. Terry was at home when he passed, which was where he… Continue Reading →

When i first started going out with Terry 1993

Trying to be normal (5th April 2019)

Terry passed on the 21st December 2018 – now i had to get through Christmas and get myself into the new year. Christmas Eve I had been sick every day since Terry passed and today was no differnt. I had… Continue Reading →

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