A lot of this day is a bit of a blur for me, but it was a beautiful
service and exactly what Terry had asked for. He wanted no hymns or
prayers. Terry left a note with a song that he wanted played for me.
(Donny Hathaway – A Song For You) It was so beautiful.

Terry had a Celebration Of Life
which was beautiful and there were around 150 people there, the flowers
were stunning, and after we had a good old Eastend P..s Up.

Terry would have loved it, everyone gave him the best send off.

My Song to him was Diana Ross – One Shinning Moment – (Every word is just how i feel about Terry.)

The next day myself and brother-in-law Mitchell went back to the cemetery,
and put some of the flowers on my step-dad’s grave and my beautiful
cousin Carly’s Rose Bush, & Mithcell took home. Tezza in flowers and the
Budweiser Bottle my dauthers friends had made in flowers. They lasted in
his garden for three weeks. Terry would have loved that.