Yvette a lovely young lady who does my nails, told me about this group.

It is help every first Thursday in the month and is all women who have lost someone.

Once again i was not going to go but forced myself, their was 21 ladies there and they were all so nice and friendly and made me feel very welcome.  We had a strawberries and cream tea, they are not about doom and gloom or talking about what happened to them, it is more of a social evening and each month they do something different. I also won the raffle which i felt really embarrassed about, i will be going back next month.

I am just trying everything i can to fill time and also meet new people.

(Everything i go to or have joined, i have done on my own and it is hard walking in these places, but although i have great children, grandchildren, family and friends but i just don’t want to burden people, and i have a long time to go on my own.)