How I Cope (It's Not Easy)

Month July 2020

Always with me.

I woke up this morning and really wanted to talk to Terry. I wasn’t sad just desperate to talk to him. Anyway I said to him Tezza I need you today, I really need you around. When I left home… Continue Reading →

Terry’s Birthday

Today is Terry’s Birthday and I woke up had a little cry, then lit a candle for Terry. Today my niece Megan is having her Birthday Party which she has every year and her and Terry have had quite a… Continue Reading →

Megan’s Party

I went to Megan’s party and it was lovely. Bless Megan in the middle of our family madness, she stopped everyone and said a little speech for Terry. Bless her heart she is so thoughtful. I know Terry was watching,… Continue Reading →

My Son & Ex-Son-In Law

Danny & Aaron went to Benidorm for a boys weekend. They took time out to go and visit where we scattered some of Terry’s ashes. They got two Budweiser and had a drink for Terry. (Anyone who knew Terry, would… Continue Reading →

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