How I Cope (It's Not Easy)

Month October 2019

Birthday Weekend 7.9.19

I booked a weekend in Clacton-On-Sea, myself and my sister went on Friday night. We had a lovely meal in Frinton-On-Sea and a good old chat about everything and everyone, we had a few tears but it was a lovely… Continue Reading →

Leaving my home and Canvey Island 15.9.19

Look at the date 15th September 2019 – I moved to Canvey Island on the 15th September 2016 with Terry and left 3 years to the day later without Terry. Still can’t get my head around him not being here… Continue Reading →

Butlins Weekend – September 2019

14th year visiting this place with and sister and Sharon Higgins. We were meant to you last year but Trudy and Sharon cancelled.Terry was so ill and they wouldn’t go without me, so Butlins kindly let them move it forward… Continue Reading →

Thanks Kirsti – 3rd October 2019 – Bad Day

Woke up this morning and knew it was a bad day. It’s mad I knew as soon as I opened my eyes. I was so tearful, then the phone rung and it was my niece Kristi, she was coming up… Continue Reading →

My Dad

I love my dad, I know he wasn’t around much when we were young and did bad things but then who hasn’t at some stage of their life. I know I have. My dad as been a rock to me… Continue Reading →

40 years with London Underground (Thu 10th October 2019)

I had to put this post on, my Terry worked for the London Undergound for 40 years. He took redundancy and his pension at 55 (2011), which thankfully paid off our mortgage. Then we had 7 years of, lots of… Continue Reading →

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