I booked a weekend in Clacton-On-Sea, myself and my sister went on Friday night. We had a lovely meal in Frinton-On-Sea and a good old chat about everything and everyone, we had a few tears but it was a lovely evening.

Saturday morning down came the girls, we had a real good laugh, lovely lunch and real fun night out. They helped me get through my first Birthday without Terry.

When we were out on the Saturday night, the song came on “The Love I Lost” and my poor Samm just burst out crying, Trudy cuddled her. I just felt for her so much, she looks after me all the time and her grief just came out, she was saying sorry to me. I told her she as nothing to be sorry about.

Thank you ladies I would be lost without you Samm Hall, Trudy Wakeman, Kristi Preston and my little mate Megan Wakeman.