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25 Years Together 1993 to 2018

25 Years Together 1993 to 2018 – We married on my birthday 7th September 2002, we lived together for 9 years before we married. (2nd marriage for both of us)

Traumatic Grief and PTSD (5th April 2019)

I have not discussed this with anyone but my doctor has diagnoed me with Traumatic Grief and PTSD caused by the sudden death of a loved one.  I don’t want to take medication although i have been given it but… Continue Reading →

This is a photo of Terry and myself

This is a photo of Terry and myself, we loved our holidays and were so happy in this photo. We were like any other normal couple plently of ups and downs, had our problems, but worked through everything together.


I will add stories and thoughts through out this blog, they will not always be in date order. I will write them as and when they come into my head. I will add photos along the way, i have always… Continue Reading →

My Grief and trying to cope. (5th April 2019)

It happened very quickly Terry collapsed on September 11th 2018 and passed away on the 21st December 2018. We had no time to make any last memories or have any happy times. Terry went through hell, and i did all… Continue Reading →

February 2019 – Spain Alone

I went to see my  counsellor Debbie on the Wednesday and was in quite a bad way, really cried for the whole hour. I told Debbie that I nearly booked a weekend to Spain by myself a few times, but… Continue Reading →

Terry his thoughts as I saw them.

Listen I want to make it clear I am not making Terry out to be a saint or anything, he had his faults and I had mine (I know I had a lot more.) But I loved this man so… Continue Reading →

A Wave of Grief (Wednesday 15th May 2019)

I had counselling today with the wonderful Debbie, it wasn’t to bad, I had my normal cry told her all about going to Spain and scattering Terry’s Ash’s with family and friends. We talked about how I know has heart… Continue Reading →

Crying and Falling – (Thursday 16th May 2019)

Woke up early drained from a really bad  night, I got ready for work. I was early so popped into my friend Denise’s house. She made me a coffee and I told her about the night I had been through;… Continue Reading →

Service Of Remembrance (Saturday 18th May 2018)

When i received the letter inviting me to the above I was in two minds weather to go, but because they were mentioning Terry’s name I just had to go. My friend Denise came and i must say it was… Continue Reading →

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