Woke up early drained from a really bad  night, I got ready for work. I was early so popped into my friend Denise’s house. She made me a coffee and I told her about the night I had been through; and started crying again. We had a long chat and I finally left for work.

I parked my car, and one of the ladies I work with came along (Katie) we were walking round to work and the next  thing i knew, i was on the floor. I had fallen face first and hit my chin, Katie was seeing if I was alright?  When a really nice man pulled up and got out of his car to help. They got me up and I was covered in mud and bruised we thanked the man and went into work. I was really shaken up, we went into the toilet and I broke down again.

I tried to work but was shaking and felt sick. I left work at 11am came home and fell into bed.

It’s so strange it is like a mad circle, I can’t get out of. I have a bad few days/week, then I feel ok (It’s like the fog lifts) then it hits me again. The thing is there is no time limit on it, it can be any time, anywhere. A song or someone can say something, or I can even be sitting by myself and it just hits me. It is the worst feeling ever.