Before I tell you this story I want you to know I don’t believe in ghosts or spirits, all I can do is tell you what happened to me.

Terry was at home when he passed, which was where he wanted to be. But I was not in the room with him, I had kissed him told him I loved him and he passed in his sleep. I can’t and don’t think I will ever get over the fact I wasn’t with him when he passed.

January 3rd 2019.

I had a really bad day, I went to bed at around 11pm at 1pm I was woken by this noise, it sounded like wind but it came really fast. I sat up in bed for some reason I thought the window had blow open, has I went to turn around I felt arms wrap around me, and I was cuddled so tight. I was terrified  at first, then I went very calm it was probably only a minute, but seemed like ages, I was being hugged. Then the wind noise came back and then disappeared.

I was frozen and my heart was beating like it was going to come out of my chest. I got up went into the lounge turned on one lamp and the bulb blew, I went to turn on the other lamp and the same thing happened the bulb blew. (I swear I had only just changed the bulb in one of the lamps the day before.)

My friend Denise said he had come to say goodbye and let me know everything was fine. I am not sure, but it did happen.

January 10th 2019

I went to bed, but was really upset and crying this night. I woke up and felt someone stroking my leg and then I heard Terry say “Don’t worry, you have to calm down, everything will be OK.

February 2nd 2019

My sister Trudy and our friend Sharon were coming down to spend the night, so I got up early did all my housework when I finished I laid on the sofa and fell asleep, I woke up with Terry saying to me “Come on get up their here now” I sat up looked out the window and the car pulled up.

I don’t know the reason any of this happened, was it my subconscious?, or just what my mind telling me what I need to hear.

But Terry did always used to say  “The mind is a very powerful tool”