I know Terry had died just before Christmas last year, but it was all a daze. I really can’t remember much about it. Well the lead up to this Christmas was quite a bumpy ride, I was so emotional, my thoughts were running away with me. But I must say once Christmas Day came I was not to bad, it was more the build up I think.

Christmas Eve

The family all went to church and lit candles for all our, lost loved ones.

Terry, Bob, Carly & Rosie and Nicky

Then we went and had a drink for them.

Christmas Day

Christmas day was fine, dinner at mine with Samm, Aaron & Alfie. Then we went to Trudy’s. The build up to Christmas was worst then the actual day. Christmas it just another day to me now.

Boxing Day

Boxing Day was at my Danny’s where he cooked pie and mash for the whole family. It was my Missie’s 19th so we celebrated her Birthday.

But I must say I am glad it’s over, I still thought of nothing but Terry and miss him so much. 💔

New Years Eve.

OMG, I went to the pub with my sister and some family and friends. I was fine until about 11pm then it hit me, I had to leave and get home. I got in about 11.40pm and sat down and cried, I just couldn’t kiss people Happy New Year, or watch everyone so happy. There is going to be no Happy Year ahead for me, not without Terry.