Coping With Grief

How I Cope (It's Not Easy)



People Move On

People and lives move on. When you first lose someone, everyone is mourning for that person. But after a while their lives go back to normal and I am not saying for one minute that they shouldn’t or they will… Continue Reading →

White Box

After Terry’s funeral, I brought a pretty White Wooden Box to put in the cards from his funeral flowers, his funeral book and all Terry’s bits and pieces; Birth Certificate etc. On Christmas, Birthday, Valentines day I write out a… Continue Reading →

Feeling Worst Than Ever

People say after the first year you start to feel better, all the firsts are over. (First Christmas, First Birthday ect without Terry) This is so untrue for me, I feel worst then ever, yes I can hide it better… Continue Reading →

Benidorm January 2020

I am in Benidorm with friends and today we went to where we scattered some of Terry’s ashes last April 2019. We had a lovely lunch then went up to the spot where his ashes were scattered, OMG it was… Continue Reading →

Christmas in Spain 2012

Christmas 2019

I know Terry had died just before Christmas last year, but it was all a daze. I really can’t remember much about it. Well the lead up to this Christmas was quite a bumpy ride, I was so emotional, my… Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas Tezza

I year – 21st December 2019

This day was not as bad as I thought it would be. I think I was so bad the day before, thinking about what Terry had been through that on the actual day I felt a strange kind of calm…. Continue Reading →

I Year

Today I have no words, only memories and a broken heart 💔  

The Day & Night before the 21st December 2018

What a day and night, this time a year ago me and my sister had spent all day nursing Terry. He was so poorly bless him. Danny Lindsay & Samm came in the evening and Trudy went home. Terry just… Continue Reading →

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