Not really sure what’s happened to me, I have been quite good the last few months.

But the last three weeks have been horrendous, I having the worst panic attacks and anxiety attacks, I have ever had.

I have no real reason for these, I am lucky I have good family and friends around me.  I have a nice little part time job I enjoy, and no money worries. My social life is good.

I still miss a think of Terry everyday, but I have done that for the last three years.

I know when a panic attack is coming, I feel it in my chest it is the strangest feeling, I shake, I panic and start to cry.  I feel like I want to run away. The worst ones are in the night, it really can be scary. I am even had them at work.

I have always thought of myself has a strong person, but I can’t stop these attacks. Someone told me I am having a Grief Attack and it will pass, but it 2 years 6 months now and some times I feel worst then I did when I first lost Terry.

Anyway I have decided to start counselling again, I start next Monday. I have searched and researched to find the right person, I hope !!

Lets hope this helps, it did when I first had counselling when Terry passed.