Christmas Day, we lost our mum to the Coronavirus Virus. We are all heartbroken, but myself, Trudy & Harry, did get to sit with her on Christmas morning.  We left the hospital and I drove 2 minutes down the road, and the hospital called to say she had passed.
Today was mum’s cremation “Oh my god it was so hard, I don’t know how much more pain and grieving I have left in me”
In the last two and a half years we have lost so many close family.
My stepdad Bob – May 2018
My Terry – December 2018 💔
Our Rosie – February 2019
My Stepmother Shirley – March 2020
My beautiful Mother – December 2020

Please let that be it, we need a break, I just know they are all up in heaven together, looking down on us.