I have had a rough couple of days don’t know what triggers it or why?

I went out for dinner on Sunday with my daughter Samm and she asked how I was? I told her I felt better but it is still so hard to cope with it all I can’t help crying. she told me she still cry’s and since Terry has gone she feels she has no male figure in her life.

Samm and Terry fell out over the years, normal father and daughter stuff. (Funny but all the things Terry moaned at her about, she now moans about to her son Alfie) but they always spoke to each other about everything, when me and Terry had bad times he always rang and spoke to Samm, he loved her and my other children very much.

When he was in the hospital and was really poorly he asked me to text him their Birthdays so he would never forget.

Anyway I digress, I was watching telly last night and the tears just started to rolled down my face (Why?) I could not stop crying, i never got to sleep to 4.30am in the morning.

Today in work I was very quite. I came home cried and went to bed for the afternoon.

My sister rang tonight and as soon as i herd her voice i could not even talk for crying i had to hang up on her. I texted her to say sorry and that i would call her tomorrow.

I am sure the cloud will lift soon. I have got to kind of understand what grief does to you, and when it hits you there is nothing you can do but ride the wave until you feel normal again, until the next time.