I went  to Samm;s and we viewed a flat then picked Alfie up from school.

Alfie brought me a doughnut and gave me a bottle of water for the journey home. He is such a funny little boy, but very thoughtful.

When i got home i really didn’t didn’t want to go to exercise class, but forced myself.

I was glad i went, the work out was good we did Boxercise and Stretching.

I know i have no coordination, i was fine doing the exercise but just can’t seem to move my legs and arms at the same time or in the right direction, still i just keep moving.

When we did the stretches the lady gave me to rubber bands to put on my legs for stretching, she asked me, “Are you allergenic to rubber?” and i said “No just exercise”.

I came home and ate the doughnut Alfie brought me earlier.

But i must say i was so knackered, i had the best nights sleep for quite a while.