This was my fifth session and I only have one left to go.

I can’t thank Debbie enough for her help and kindness.

I know counselling is not for everyone but I have really opened up about my feelings and Debbie as given me great advice and made me aware of my feelings.

When I told Debbie about last Thursday she told me that was a really deep wave of grief, but getting that pain out by crying etc is a help. She says I am fighting with my mind as well as my grief.

Debbie said I will most likely get other days like this it could be in three months or three days. I just have to let my mind and body go with it, it does past.

I told her I do get good days and do go out with family and friends and have a nice time. But then I can get in my car drive home and cry all the way home. She said this is natural it’s like living 2 lives.

Her words were it’s like the 2 theatre masks one happy and one sad. You never know what one you will be wearing.