Took me a while to write anything this time.

R.I.P. Dad

Dad went into hospital in 7th January 2023 and passed away on the 19.02.23.

Dad went into hospital after a fall and slowly got worse, it turned out to be Pancreatic Cancer, I just couldn’t believe I now had to watch my dad suffer the same illness as Terry.

Poor dad laid there for 6 weeks slowly getting worst and slipping away from us.

It really put me back and I didn’t think I would be as bad as I am, but my dad  called me every night since Terry died without fail, and I looked after him.

Dad never wanted to leave London especially the East End, he never understood why we moved away.

So we made sure he stayed in London and gave him the funeral he wanted.

We  never took him out of the East End, we cremated him in the East End and held his wake there. (A good old East End Wake with family friends, and anyone else who wanted to join us)

I just feel  now I have to change my life yet again.  Sometimes it’s so tiring, I feel like I want to go to bed and never get up.

It is so true to say life goes on what ever happens, strength comes form deep inside us, and it is amazing how our bodies cope with such heartbreak.