1. I don’t really know where to start, my nephew Charlie Preston and his friend Frankie Gater were murdered on the early hours of 24.10.21.

Both only 16 years of age.

We were with Charlie only 2 weeks before celebrating his 16th Birthday and Frankie was there, its so hard to get my head around.

Frankie was known to us as much as Charlie, my Samm practically brought him up he played with Alfie when they were young and Samm would cook him meals and let him stay over.

Two young life’s gone for ever.

We were in Ibiza when I got the call from my sister, I got the first flight home with my little grandson Danny, the rest of the family stayed we wanted to keep Alfie and Missie  away for  a while longer, they were so upset.

Then the rest of the family Danny, Samm, Missie,  Alfie & Jess flew home early on the Friday to be at the memorial planned by the brilliant Take A Knife – Save A Life.

The memorial was lovely and so many people attended, but now the families have to grieve and deal with a court case, that could take a long while.

My niece Kirsti her husband Nick and their 2 beautiful children and of course my sister and Mitchell are going through hell, as are the rest of our family.

I know grief and how it feels to loose someone you loved so much. But to loose a child/grandchild is unbearable. Our family will support and love them as much as we can.

Life can be so cruel 💙💚