I wasn’t going to go, because most years Megs and Terry always shared their party. They even had their 21st and 60th together.

But off I go. I get there and walks in the garden and my sister says what do you want to drink, I look down and there is a bucket of Budweiser I burst out crying. (Anyone that knows Terry also knows he never drunk any beer accept a Budweiser.)  It is the silly things that start me off.

My sister and brother-in-law hired a soul band for the evening, they were fantastic.

They called Little Mitch & Megs but to say Happy Birthday and Megs and Mitch had asked the lady to mention Terry, it was so lovely of them but really made me cry. But they said they just wanted to let me know they hadn’t forgot him, how lovely is that, I am so lucky with the people I have around me.

Thank you Megan & Mitchell, I don’t have to tell you how much Terry loved you all.