I had a really bad week leading up to Terrys 64th Birthday, tears every day, couldn’t go a work on the Tuesday. Crying to my children really the norm for me these days.

But Thursday did come and you know what it’s was not as bad as I thought.

I woke up at 6am, had a cry, lit a candle for Terry, put his birthday card in his box. (I put a lovely letter in with the card updating him with the move, and everything) Sat for a while thinking about him.

Then I went back to bed for an hour, got up got ready and went out with my friend Denise for the day, we went to the Isle of Sheppey and had a look round memory lane. Went to where we had a caravan, probably bored poor Denise with my stories.

On the night I had a lovely surprise, the children came down and we went for a lovely Indian meal and actually laughed and talked about everything not only Terry. It really helped.